Thru the Lookin’ Glass, 202 Blackburn Road, Wheelton, PR6 8EY

IMG_6007Thru the Lookin’ Glass is both a tea room and a soft furnishing shop in the village of Lower Wheelton (which is between Chorley and Blackburn).  The decor is very “French” and they have a small gift shop upstairs.

They do delicious cakes – which are more like puddings – and they also have a good range of gluten- and lactose-free cakes.  IMG_6012Also they’ve just extended their opening hours on Tuesday to Saturday, so they open at 10 and stay open till 5.30.  (Which is good, because so many tea rooms close about 4 o’clock – just when you fancy tea and cake.)  They are also open on Sundays from 11.00 to 4.30.

IMG_6011Even though it is very stylish inside, it attracts walkers as you’re welcome- even if you’re wearing  IMG_6005your hiking boots.

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